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Established 2000

We welcome you to the result of our 18 years of innovation - merged with the genuine and highly skilled international team of craftsmen in jewellery making - gathered in order to extract the natural beauty of the Titanium. Every piece of our beautiful jewellery is carefully hand made with professional craftsmanship in our own workshop. Our team of craftmen and designers can always meet every special request by you.

The Danish innovator, Henrik Hansen, is the lead designer behind the ZEEZEN brand.

His work touches on the ideas around life and sustainability and aims to reflect the narratives of our own inner life, cultural roots, and what we take pride in. He tries to represent our internal experience and emotions in his designs. His personal belief and philosophy is founded in Zen and Nordic minimalism creating the brand name “ZEEZEN”

From that starting point the team’s Vision was created which is “To pursue quality works with simplicity in design and to put soul into the metal”. Every piece of our jewellery is formed by hand with love and care.

Our Mission: “To become one of the best fine Titanium jewellery.” Titanium is an amazing noble metal. We have a whole collection of wedding rings, men’s and women’s jewellery, earsticks, and pendants we have all combined with precious Gold’s (24k, 18k, & 9k Rose), Diamonds, and Gemstones.

EG TEAM Henrik Hansen


Advantages of Buying Titanium Jewellery

1.Strength - This metal is strong, nor does it loose its luster and does not corrode or change color from wear or time. Titanium is a genuine metal like gold & silver.

2.Style & Comfort - Titanium is much lighter in weight compared to other metals despite its strength. Because of this property it makes the jewelry more comfortable to wear. In addition all ZEEZEN rings has a D shape inside. Finally it feels warm and soft, because of its extreme high heat resistance.

3.Bio-compatibility - It fits to all types of human skin. This means that anyone can wear titanium jewelry without the fear of rashes or discolorations. Many people who suffered from allergic reactions while wearing gold or silver jewelry can wear titanium without any problems. Titanium remains at its best when it is pure.

4.Popularity - Titanium has been increasingly becoming popular especially with Men & Women who rarely wear jewelries due to it's lightness, strength, and its kind nature.

5.Affordability- Titanium pieces are extremely cost-effective in comparison to many of the more popular jewelry metals like Gold and platinum for example.

Titanium Q & A

What is Titanium?

• Titanium is an element like gold, silver, or platinum. It is a white non ferrous metal with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. Titanium is inert which means resistant. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, or common chemistry. I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry including gold and silver.

Can I wear Titanium?

• Yes, Titanium is the most compatible element of all elements. The chances of having any reaction to the metal is nominal.

Will Titanium jewelry corrode or rust?

• No, Titanium is inert and does not react to most chemicals, Which means that it is a great price of jewelry and will stay looking good.

Can Titanium be engraved or stretched?

• Titanium can be engraved with standard engraving equipment. Titan ring can be stretched though it is harder than other metals so the tools will wear faster.

How difficult it is to cut off in an emergency?

• Yes with standard ring culinary equipment, but because it is a hard metal this may take a little longer.

How do I care for Titanium?

• Titanium can be cleaned with any non abrasive soap or cleaner. Anodized product are easily cleaned with warm water then dried with soft tissue.