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Jens Henrik Hansen, designer, owner and creator of one of the sophisticated titanium jewelry and accesory manufacturing company the ZEEZEN.

Jens Henrik Hansen have strived hard to ensure a professional and successful company based in the Philippines.

This Danish designer has been 25 years in the jewelry industry with industrious desire to succeed to create a company which encompasses danish design and Filipino craftsmanship. Armed with the beauty of titanium we now can boast a company that is boom both professional and reliable.

We are already renown in Japan and Scandinavia. The Company now is still growing and still leading in making fine jewelries using titanium, sapphires, diamonds, pearl, silver and gold.

Each product undergone various process to ensure we produce good outputs.

This is not possible without the company's cooperation, good management and good trained personnel.

We hope you feel the soul of our product and benefit from our expertise to enhance your business. Thank you for taking time to learn more about us.


About Titanium

TITANIUM was first discovered in Cornwall , England in 1791. But it wasn't named until 1795 as TITANIUM, after the mythological sons of the Earth, the Titans.
In 1910 TITANIUM was finally isolated to a 99.9% purity. Later that century William Justin Kroll found a way to produce TITANIUM commercially and by the end of the World War Two its importance was established. Titanium is incredibly hard, but lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It was used initially in Aerospace and Medical Engineering fields. Titanium is relatively new in jewelry industry and its popularity is growing quickly. The strength of pure TITANIUM means that rings must be forced out of a solid block of metal. Because TITANIUM is a natural element it is hypoallergenic so it will not react with even the most sensitive of skins. We have designed this beautiful metal into some unique and desirable jewelry and its versatility means you have a choice of finishes. Since this metal is lightweight compared to Gold & Silver it opens up further options as far as design is, and hence it is also heat resistant, it reflects body temperature so it feels very comfortable to touch and hold. TITANIUM could be described as hard and yet soft touch, malleable, cold and yet warm. With these kind of properties we can ensure a perfect setting for any Diamonds and will give years of pleasure for anyone who owns this jewelry.

Titanium Q & A

What is Titanium?

• Titanium is an element like gold, silver, or platinum. It is a white non ferrous metal with the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element. Titanium is inert which means resistant. It does not react to salt water, sunlight, or common chemistry. I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry including gold and silver.

Can I wear Titanium?

• Yes, Titanium is the most compatible element of all elements. The chances of having any reaction to the metal is nominal.

Will Titanium jewelry corrode or rust?

• No, Titanium is inert and does not react to most chemicals, Which means that it is a great price of jewelry and will stay looking good.

Can Titanium be engraved or stretched?

• Titanium can be engraved with standard engraving equipment. Titan ring can be stretched though it is harder than other metals so the tools will wear faster.

How difficult it is to cut off in an emergency?

• Yes with standard ring culinary equipment, but because it is a hard metal this may take a little longer.

How do I care for Titanium?

• Titanium can be cleaned with any non abrasive soap or cleaner. Anodized product are easily cleaned with warm water then dried with soft tissue.